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The most fun way to learn Quranic Arabic!

This app makes learning Quranic Arabic fun and easy
Like how it incentivizes one to learn every day.
I recommend this to children and adults
Loved how easy it is to learn to understand the Arabic words...

Quick, fun, effective lessons

Learn Fast, Have Fun! Get short lessons you can enjoy in just 2-5 minutes, wherever you are. No pressure, just easy learning. Earn rewards to make it even more fun!
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Words from Quran

In every lesson, you'll discover new words straight from the Quran. The next time you read the Quran, you'll recognize them right away Insha'Allah!
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Daily games

Experience daily fun with engaging games, each refreshed every day from a different ayah of the Quran for continuous excitement!
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Personalised learning

Unlock the power of spaced repetition to boost your vocabulary skills and retention. With this proven technique, you'll find yourself mastering new words and concepts in no time!
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Start your journey in understanding the Quran.
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